Is Architecture difficult or do we make it difficult?

I’ve been moved on to a new team in work to look a building a new platform for the company which by all accounts will be all singing and all dancing! (try not to laugh!). Just to make thing more interesting we’ve got 4+ new piece of technology to use as well e.g. CMS, CRM.

Today I was in a meeting for 4 hours were we where trying to get to grips with just part of the architecture! We did make some head way but I can’t help but feeling like were doing it all wrong maybe it the agile bug or just plain old common scenes that’s telling me were biting off more than we can chew!

I know what I want do, solve one business problem at time and refactor the applications into the new architecture bit by bit adding value at every stage, I don’t think are current systems are that far away from what we really need there’s lots of refactoring to do but we would add more value than trying to do the big bang approach where currently taking which we’ve tried unsuccessfully in the past! This is a brilliant presentation that gives a good overview of the approach I’m talking about and emphasize  good eXtreme Programming practices and what I do believe is the most important thing for every delivery team good communication


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