What is Continuous Delivery and why do we need it?

In this post I’m probably not going to answer the question above in great detail because I think Continuous Delivery is too big a subject to answered properly in one blog post, Jez Humble and David Farley had to write book on it! (Continuous Delivery: Reliable software releases through build, test and deployment automation) which I recommend and would use a reference manual.

We’ve currently started to use GO Agile Release Management (I recommend that tool) we’ve also been automating are delivery process though to the live environment, this has started to be rolled out though all the delivery teams.

So what sparked me to write this blog post? A conversation I had a work where someone stated that we’d probably got our 80% gain for 20% effort done out of Continuous Delivery! I can understand why they said this remark there a manager!

What’s worrying is there seems to be a growing number of people who associate Continuous Delivery with just automating your CI and release pipelines, in my option its a mind set its about going on a journey to improve your productivity, reducing your cycle time, helping your customers achieve their goals.

To achieve this you will need to do more than just automate your CI and deployment pipelines (although this is a good start!) you might want to remove the waste involved in branching by employing branching within code this involves careful release management with your product owner(s), understanding your backlog and the business goal/direction. Moving to a no defect culture within your delivery teams is another good step, but this should all be focused on providing a better service to the business you can do this by asking them “what they want?”.

I could go on but I’m worried all I’m doing is rambling!

So in summary the main point I’m trying to get across is that Continuous Delivery is a journey there isn’t an end point,  some of us will go further or move more quickly along that journey than others but as long as you realise its a journey not a race your in the right mind set to succeed and always focus on helping your customer achieve there goals.


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