Cultural change is free – John Seddon

I’ve just watch this video by John Seddon on  System Thinking. It’s not the first time I’ve seen one of John’s videos on System Thinking, but watching it go me thinking about some issues I been facing in work, both of which are around resourcing! The answer is to improve the skill set of the team, in this case we need more testers so instead of dev’s picking more work up why don’t you move them on to testing a story and get live (obviously not a story they worked on!).

How to solve the problem long term, look at the demand from the business, analyse what is the most common demand and work at improving the process around that type of demand e.g. bring in automated testing this can vastly reduce the work load of QA and allow them to focus on automation of other task within the testing area or do more exploratory testing which future reduces issues in live which reduces failure demand which increase value demand thought the system.


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