Geek Night Manchester Oct 20th – Expected true but was false

The evening started by leaving work early go for a curry on the curry mile! Very good decision! Going to the talk was also a good decision, Andy’s presentation was define and focused I found it for myself to be a good refresher course in TDD and reminded me why I use a lot of the approaches discussed. (You can get the slides and code from here).

What I found amazing at this talk was the turn out the room was packed I’ve only been to couple of Geek Nights but I soon found out even Andy was surprised at the turn out. I think this is because TDD is a cross language / domain development task with a well know benefit to cost ratio (mainly it improves quality, reduces issues in live and help with maintains). One comment on the night shocked me a little (very difficult I know I often laugh at in apropiate/immature jokes!) was that most of the talks weren’t relevant to him WHAT! All the talks that are presented at Geek Night are relevent to most developers (WEB or Desktop). I feel people are missing the point about the talks you might not use Java or Ruby but there maybe a concept/idea you can port over to your language, for instance BDD is big within the Ruby world, the concept isn’t big in .NET/C# world but you can do it we do (using Ruby/Cucumber).

So what am I trying to get across in this rambling of blog post!

Embrace other technologies / process / ideas  – like you would with other cultures!

And get yourself along to the next GEEK NIGHT even if the topic isn’t that interesting to you I guaranty the people will be interesting and they can talk the back legs of donkey! (



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