Geek Night – Manchester 15th September

I’ve just got back from Geek Night

What a brilliant night, the talk was good on the subject of rest but the drinks after where even better.

Getting to talking to other people in the industry who have experienced the same problems and being able to swap ideas and experiences is invaluable. So your probably ask yourself what did I learn, shed loads and confirmed that there are other people who like the idea of SystemThinking.

Topic 1: Better build and release pipeline :- got a lot of guidance on one click deployments technically I know this is possible but its the politics that is difficult to get round as with most things! But there are other firms out there using one click deployments and automated deployments this is the end game for me. What I really want to understand now is, is nant really the best build tool to be doing this or should I push the issue further to move to rake? I don’t think this would be massive problem as I can build rake files that could be called by nant task in the interim cross over period food for thought anyway let me know your thoughts on this one.

Topic 2: Issues around ensuring every story adds business value :- what is value? that”s the difficult thing on this one I would say if your business/product owner thinks its adds value then take there word for it they are after all paid to build the product and should be the domain experts or at least have a good understanding. That however does not mean you should not understand why the product owner believes the story adds value because if you don’t you might miss the value in the story.

Topic 3: Working on bridging the gap between testers and developers :- communication communication and more communication this is what I took from the advice the guys on this topic I’ve got to admit I have been working closely on this subject for while now about 8 months to help tester on my team and within the company ensure they get the most out of the tools and processes agile/kanban gives them and to ensure we remove our bottle neck in the testing area. Testing links in with continuous deployment and its important you can automate as much of your testing as possible to decrease your time to market this often means you need a technical tester who can write automated tests along with working out performance tests but from my experience one tester like this is worth 3-5 normal testers. Back to bridging the gap make sure testers attend the kick off meeting for every story discuss all the test you’ve written acceptance and integration (unit tests are probably a little low down) and get them to review the story before you hand over effectively testing the story with them.

Topic 4: Asking how do we make sure were not gold plating things and only implementing thing we know now not what we think about that might come up in the future. This is one where the common consensus was be strict about testing and use BDD to ensure you only write code that adds business value. Out side in development helps with this because you focus on the value and you know when your acceptance test passes your done! (but not done done!). Use TDD as well here are some good links I was give by Dave Green

If you’ve got any other ideas let me know this is really just a mind fart!


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