Dojo update!

Well people did come back! We’ve made some new changes to the code and added a few more test. I have to say in hindsight I don’t think it was the best Kata (coding problem) for testers/non-coders to start with. Although saying that it did give them a lot of exposure to OO and how to break a  problem down into small meaning full steps which you can then write tests to build up you application.

Where going to start with a calculator problem this week and see if we can get the guy’s confidence up with pairing and coding in public.

On a separate note we’ve had a few on looks in the dojo’s to see what were doing and discussing with them (Dave Green) its a greed that the dojo’s really will help push eXtreme Programming practices through the company. All I need to do now is run more Dojo’s in different departments watch this space.

here’s the code link again (as before and comments or refactoring points are welcome)


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