Coding Dojo’s – Can they help introduce eXtreme Programming

I was just going to start working on some new Coding Dojo material, when I thought I hadn’t blogged about what I’ve been doing in work in relation to Coding Dojo’s or my thoughts on there usefulness so here they are:

What is a coding dojo –

“A Coding Dojo is a meeting where a bunch of coders get together to work on a programming challenge.”

What is a kata –

“It’s a small exercise to improve your programming skills – by challenging your abilities and encouraging you to find multiple approaches.”

When I first starting going to Coding Dojo’s (with David Santoro and Mike Wagg) I went to learn Ruby. After the first session I soon found out that I was learning a lot more than just Ruby, in one Dojo I improved my pairing skill, TDD / BDD approaches,  problem solving skill and most of all my communication skills.

“Communication is the key to making a good agile team great”

A Coding Dojo is a small idea, but it can have big effect on teaching a team helping improve there development skills and most of all there communication skill. I would recommend it as training mechanise to help introduce eXtreme Programming (and Agile).

I recommend eXtreme Programming explained by Kent Beck, I’m hopefully going to rewrite about my thoughts on the book in the coming weeks so watch this space.


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