Environment Control

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on new project to create a new content management framework within Reddot. I’ll probably blog about the implementation and the challenges around this project in other blogs later on but for now I will focus on the issue of environment control.

Issue: 12 Bugs in QA – this just isn’t acceptable.

Solution: To help reduce this were implementing a new process inline with what we would do if we where working of sourcesafe and using crusie control to our builds. All the CSS, JavaScript and Images (and later on .NET code when we come to it) are being put into sourcesafe. We have created separate DEV and INT environments which we only deploy from a cruise control build and then release the reddot pages to that environment (this is managed by a Build Engineer). The development work which used to be done in the DEV environment is now done on a developers machine this allows viable DEV testing to take place. Along with better testing pratice and more stringent gates on our Scrum board I’m hoping the next release will run much smoother.

I’ll keep you posted on this


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