Cruise Multiple Agents on one machine – ThroughtWorks Cruise

This week I’ve been working on the setup of our CI Server for the latest project. We’ve decided to trial Cruise (ThroughtWorks).

Although today I hit a problem when I want to install to Cruise Agents on one machine this is what the official documentation stated:


which isn’t much use if your sever reboots or your account logs out.

There is another way, now before we get into the solution I must confess I didn’t come up with the solution the guy that told me (Michael Wag) only new because he was told by someone else……..

Solution: Using the Java Wrapper

Step 1 : Copy the agent file.
Step 2: Change the name of each agent within the wrapper-agent.conf file this will be located in \Cruise Agent\config\wrapper-agent.conf

image below shows where in the file to change the name


Step 3:  run the cruisewrapper.exe –i config\wrapper-agent.conf


Step 4: Go to service and check both agents are register and running.
Step 5: Sit back and watch your builds pass (ideal situation, in my experiences setting up a CI server is a roller coaster ride of emotions!)

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